Vineyard Style Artists


 Born, Christopher William Beasley (June 20th, 1991), also known by his last name Beasley or in short B. Inspired by his father who also made music, B. began making music at the young age of 6, but never actually touched a microphone until the age of 14 while before, only just making beats. Around the age of 14 is when he first met his now, Vineyard $tyle Crew. B. then started putting full songs together as he was inspired by his peers, environment and experiences. After forming “Vineyard Style”, he began working hard as a solo artist releasing his first solo project entitled “Soul Mellow” at the the top of January 2011. It overall received good reviews and was trademarked for its “Old School West Coast Vibe”. Continuing with that same style and sound B. eventually dropped more mixtapes “The Yard” (2012), The $tyle (2014), “The Legal Way” (2016), “B.” (2017), “10,000th Hour” (2018), as well as a collaborative effort with another Vineyard $tyle artist, entitled “BLK DIAMONDZ” (2018). With all projects being well received by hometown of Phoenix, AZ, B. and his Vineyard Style Crew/Label plan to take over the whole game with true style.



The 2 Vineyard $tyle artist B. & Noodlez come together to form the slick duo BLK DIAMONDZ. With bangers like “MY PATNAS”, “High Movin” and “Son of a Flex”, BLK DIAMONDZ is known for being fun, flashy and in your face. They put out the perfect summer soundtracks and are guaranteed to turn your party all the way up!